Committed to a culture of safety

At Connolly Construction, we’re committed to the safety of our worksites,
workers, subcontractors and the general public. That’s why we’re proud to have
developed and instituted an occupational health and safety plan accredited by
the Alberta Construction Safety Association.

It’s our belief that with the implementation of comprehensive safety procedures
and the proper use of equipment, worksite accidents are preventable. We
provide all our workers with certified equipment and comprehensive training to
enhance their safety and the safety of their colleagues while on the job.

Furthermore, we urge our staff to help us create a culture of safety by holding
every individual responsible and accountable for safety of the team. We
encourage them to suggest improvements and set leadership examples for their
colleagues and subcontractors.

Through communication, responsibility, accountability, safety procedures
and education, we’re confident Connolly Construction will achieve its goal of
becoming an injury and accident-free employer.